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Wouldn’t it be great to know that whatever happens, you and your family are covered? This month we want to share a story with you which highlights the importance of having personal insurance.

Claire is 41 years old. She has three children and a partner, and she works full time at a childcare centre. Six months ago while showering, Claire found a lump under her arm. Subsequent trips to the doctor revealed the lump to be breast cancer, and for the past six months she has undergone chemotherapy and two operations. It’s been a rough time for Claire and her family: the chemo has made her very ill, she has lost all her hair, her children have been frightened and worried about the future, and Claire has had to face all sorts of thoughts and feelings she has never experienced before.

What she hasn’t had to worry about is money. Claire has had Income Protection Insurance and Trauma Cover for the past eight years. “When I took it out I never thought I would use it,” Claire said. “I guess it’s that old cliché, you really don’t think something like this will ever happen to you. But it did, and it has been awful, just awful, but the insurance has been a lifesaver. I really don’t know how we would have gotten through this without it. I have three kids and their expenses don’t just stop because I’m sick. Nor does the mortgage, the bills, the petrol, the groceries."

"Looking back, I am so glad I made the decision to take out the policies, because I was in two minds about it. But I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Without that protection, an already terrible situation would have been made even worse.” Studies have shown us time and time again the negative effect that stress can have on a person’s recovery, so it’s important if you have been in an accident, or are diagnosed with an illness, you need to focus on getting well.

AGLS advise on risk insurance provided by leaders in the insurance field. Our office has over 34 years’ experience. We can assist in providing a range of affordable solutions tailored to suit your needs, including: Life Insurance Cover; Total and Permanent Disability Cover; Trauma Cover; Income Protection; and Business Expenses Cover.

Give AGLS a call on 07 5526 8955 to get an obligation free quote on a range of insurance options that can give you the ultimate gift: peace of mind. For further information, go to

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