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At its meeting today, the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2%.

In this issue we show you how to show off your investment property for sale to the best, see where we are now with the Chinese economy and the Australian property market and we explain why pre-settlement inspections should not be neglected. In addition, see the six things that can go wrong with property investments and how to avoid them and we show you Brisbane's new growth corridor for investing in property.

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Show off Investment Properties for Sale to the Best

Read time: 1 minutes

Selling investment properties is, on the face of it, no different than selling anything else. Whether buying a home or an investment property the buyer will be attracted to the property by the first impression.

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Chinese Economy and Australian Property - where are we now?

Read time: 2 minutes

... there are a variety of Chinese investors buying property in Australia and a downturn in the Chinese economy (and stockmarket) will affect these investors in different ways

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Pre-Settlement Inspections should not be Neglected

Read time: 1 minutes

The purchase of a new home can be both exciting and stressful. If the home you are buying is to be your new family home, you'll be busy arranging your relocation as settlement day approaches. No matter how busy you are, conducting a pre-settlement inspection to confirm that the property is still in the condition it was in upon your original inspection, should not be neglected.

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Property Investing - what can go wrong?

Read time: 2 minutes

... here are 6 things to avoid

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Brisbane Property Investments - a NEW GROWTH CORRIDOR

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