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As you are aware its been a volatile time on the markets, however, the share markets have recovered a little since the falls last week which were triggered by problems in the US and Europe.

During these times of uncertainty, to help keep you informed, AMP has consolidated information, and will continue to keep this information updated frequently to provide a balanced view of the economic situation as it unfolds.  To access this information, visit the AMP website ( and click on the link 'Concerned about the Markets' .  And as always, you are welcome to contact our offices and speak with your Emohruo financial planner to discuss your individual situation.

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Emohruo Camden Team

Emohruo Camden Team

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Financial Stress - No 1 trigger for love woes

Read time: 1 minutes

If you and your partner are not getting along like you used to, you are not alone. To hazard a guess, it is probably due to money worries. According to new research released in the 2011 Relationships Indicators survey, financial stress is the most common reason behind relationship breakdowns in Australia...

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Regional Relocation incentives

Read time: 2 minutes

As part of the NSW strategy to ease congestion in Sydney and boost regional centres, from the 1 July 2011 Sydney families who relocate their homes from the city to regional NSW will receive a $7,000 grant. The introduction of Regional Relocation Grants will encourage population and economic growth in regional NSW...

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Biggest Asset - Protect Earners

Read time: 1 minutes

Life insurance is important protection for your family to safeguard their biggest assets - the breadwinners..

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Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Read time: 1 minutes

Is a pre-existing medical condition a concern to you?

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Key person insurance - A benefit to the business

Read time: 3 minutes

In all businesses, be they small or large, there is always one asset that can easily be overlooked - key staff/managers/directors without whom the business would struggle.

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