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With rising interest rates being talked about in the media, now may be a good time to consider your options for debt consolidation or improving your business cash flow position.

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Emohruo Camden Team

Emohruo Camden Team

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Financial Planning and the ABC of the Basic Budget

Read time: 2 minutes

Given the average debt levels in Australia you could be forgiven for thinking that we do not think much about money, but that is not true. Most of us often think about it - and how very much we would like to have a little more of it...

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Do you have a sound Investment Strategy?

Read time: 1 minutes

If you are thinking of leaving your current fund to get better returns from your own fund, make sure you know how you will achieve this. Your own superannuation funds are often referred to as self managed superannuation funds or SMSFs.

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Is Debt Consolidation Right for YOU?

Read time: 1 minutes

Given the recent rise in interest rates and the effects of the global financial crisis, many mortgagees may be finding it difficult to make desirable purchases or pay off debts accumulated over the Christmas/New Year period. So, what are some of the options for minimizing debt over the long term?

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Mortgage, Loans, Investments - Getting your Financial Act Together

Read time: 1 minutes

When it comes to the health of our bodies, our pets and even our motor vehicles and household appliances, we usually consult with an expert

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New Year's Resolutions: Financial Goals - Four Vital Areas to Focus Your Goals On

Read time: 3 minutes

Any time that you want to change your financial picture, you need to start by setting goals. Many people look at the New Year as a good time to begin making changes in your life. In order for your changes and goals to be successful, you should set goals with small attainable steps that will help you to achieve the goals that you are setting. There are four areas that everyone should consider when he or she looks at their financial picture.

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