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The upcoming festive season can be one of the toughest times of the year in terms of the family budget so now is the time to use your credit card wisely.  A large part of your credit card rating depends on the amount of debt you have.  Keeping your balances low helps you maintain a good credit score, not to mention being far easier to manage.  Avoid the temptation of getting a cash advance on your credit card as interest on these is usually charged straight away as opposed to having a waiting period.  Check out our article '6 Major Credit Card Mistakes' - you may find these tips useful!!!

We are also pleased to advise that the 'Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation Annual Charity Golf Day' (of which Emohruo Financial Services and The AMP Foundation were the major sponsors for the day) was a huge success!!!  See our Bulletin Board for more information.

We hope you enjoy this months articles, and dont forget to check the latest in 'Olivers Insights'.

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Emohruo Camden Team

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6 Major Credit Card Mistakes

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Are you having trouble getting your credit card balances under control? If so, dont beat yourself up over it - you are in the same boat as thousands of other consumers. Once you choose to change you spending habits, however, it is possible to make your debt manageable..

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Recently Unemployed?

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Every year, many Australians face the bleak prospects brought on by unemployment. And while losing a job is never fun or convenient, there can be a silver financial lining for those who know how to capitalise on their time spent away from the workplace...

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What are the benefits of making your own super contributions?

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If you make personal super contributions (generally the after tax contributions you make to a super fund) you may be eligible for the super co-contribution.

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What to do if you cant follow a budget

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A lot of people write out a budget, but just like a diet, not many stick to it. ...

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Protecting your assets - now and in the future

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The last thing you may be thinking of when you move into your dream home is how the mortgage will be paid if anything should happen to you...

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