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Not doubt you have heard and/or read about the Federal Governments proposed changes publically announced last night (Tuesday 8th May 2012).  To hear Dr. Shane Oliver (Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy, AMP Capital Investors) video on "what the Budget 2012 means for investors'", visit the link

As May is budget month, now could be a very good time to put your own budget in place.   The first simple rule is to make sure you are not spending more than you earn!!!!...........Also, even if you already have a budget in place, you should review it regularly, to ensure you are on track. 

If you are not sure how to start a budget, contact our office, and speak with one of our financial planners, who are more than happy to discuss and assist you put a budget plan in place.

We hope you enjoy this month's articles..........and remember, please feel free to contact us, any time, to discuss your financial situation.

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Emohruo Camden Team

Emohruo Camden Team

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5 money saving tips for tough times

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In today's tough economy, consumers are saving money by choosing generic over big name brands in their supermarket aisles. From chips and dips to pain relievers and peanut butter, there is a cheaper generic version of almost every product.

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Paying yourself first

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Sometimes we think we are doing everything right, yet we fail to achieve our goals. If you've noticed that you are struggling to meet investment goals or other expectations, it might be worth considering the following suggestion

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Is retirement on your Radar?

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Ease into retirement by moving working full time to part time and save on tax........

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Business contingency planning

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Small business rely on their owners, so what is the impact on the business if something happens to the owner? There are some simple ways to make sure your business can survive.

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Fight stress with food

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Most of us are used to feeling stressed on an almost daily basis - work, bills, money, deadlines, traffic jams, family and partners. There are so many different stressors coming at us from all angles, so it is no wonder many people feel overwhelmed.

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