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We hope you find this month's articles of interest to you.  In particular with an ageing population and a focus on proposed changes to aged care from July this year, planning for aged care is becoming just as tricky as planning for retirement and this is where Emohruo Senior Financial Planner Paul Fitzpatrick will be able to assist you plan ahead.  Paul is 1 of only 60 accredited Aged Care Specialists in Australia and I urge you to contact Paul to discuss any issues of concern you may have, whether it be for yourself, a family member or a friend.  Sensible aged care planning should start a long time before the need!!!

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Emohruo Camden Team

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Choosing an aged care facility

Read time: 2 minutes

... is important to identify what is important for parents not the children

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A safe job DOES NOT change the need for insurance

Read time: 3 minutes

... adequate life cover and income protection can ensure that financial obligations remain looked after should anything happen

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Recognise the Signs of Credit Card Debt Overload

Read time: 2 minutes

... because identifying a problem gets you a lot closer to its solution

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Busting the super myths

Read time: 1 minutes

... let us set the record straight

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Passing the Baton to Your Successor

Read time: 2 minutes

... Start planning early for a sound succession plan and a smooth and personally fulfilling transition

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