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Although we seem to have rain across the country at the moment as we head into Autumn, we have had some sustained sunshine with the markets now since July last year.  FINALLY!!!  And what a financial year it has been so far.............

Our client portfolios are showing net positive returns of between 10% for the most conservative up to 21% for the most aggressive and still going. These results are well in front of their long term targeted return.

Whilst this feels great, especially after what we have all had to endure over the past 5 years, it is growing too fast.  So be prepared for the rate of climb to slow down.  It has to.  I have added a short commentary on this point on our website which speaks to this matter in more detail.  Here's the link to the Perpetual Article.

There are all sorts of interesting changes afoot at the moment. in the markets.  Most notably Japan.  For the first time in 2 decades Japan is now attracting significant investment attention and inflows as the government embarks on an aggressive campaign to devalue the currency and stimulate its economy. There are strong tensions between Japan and China playing out on trade and political fronts so the coming months will be very interesting.  A devalued Yen will also hit manufacturing nations like Germany.

The US debt ceiling will be reached again in May as the US is currently printing and pumping a staggering $80 billion a month of Stimulus money into buying their own bonds and the property and manufacturing industry.  Some serious decisive moves by the Feb and Obama will need to be taken in May regarding their debt and this will likely cause some short term turbulence in markets.

Back home our stock market is at its highest point in over 4 years and still going.  We still do have about 30% left to recover to get back to the pre GFC point.  Interestingly the Americans are already there!  The Dow Jones is now at an all-time high point again.  In terms of Aussie companies there are some industries who are struggling such as manufacturing and aviation.  Many of our clients are facing redundancy decisions now in Qantas as the airline tries to roll out its plans for the future and survive the onslaught from the East & Middle East.

For the most part positive market news is now the norm which the economists are feeding back to me.  The world is never without headwinds and we still have those in Europe (especially in Italy) and the US but all things considered we are in the long awaited recovery and we can all begin to breathe a little easier.

At Chrysalis, we continue to be out in the marketplace and mixing with the economic heads of industry in order to keep abreast of developments and feed that information back to you on our website, in meetings and in your portfolios.

We are always there to help and answer questions so please feel free to call for a chat anytime.

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