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The markets like the recent weather, have been extremely volatile, albeit positive of late. We are expecting this steady growth to continue for the short term but perhaps to a lesser extent than originally expected and predominantly coming from overseas markets.

As at 28 February 2015 these were the results of the various asset classes over the past 12 months courtesy of the Chrysalis Investment Committee:

Australian Listed Property Index - 34.91%
Global Listed Property Index Hedged - 26.90%
International Equities Unhedged Index - 23.59%
International Equities Hedged Index - 17.72%
Australian Shares Index - 13.57%
International Fixed Interest Hedged Index - 10.46%
Australian Fixed Int UBS Warburg Composite 0 + Years - 10.31%
Australian Smaller Companies Index - 3.11%
Cash Australian 90 Day Bank Accepted Bill - 2.73%

Low interest rates have been a major contributor to these big numbers.  The world is now holding its breath to see what the US does with its interest rates which are tipped to begin to increase in the US.  We may see further interest rate falls in Australia in the second half of this year.

The Greeks are also back and creating some ripples with their debt levels and new government testing the resolve of the European Central Bank and Greece’s future as a member of the Eurozone.

I have just returned from a licensee conference in China and have seen first hand the locomotive that is the Chinese evolution.  It is amazing to see what they have done and are continuing to do.  We were given briefings by economists who have called a recession for Australia in 2018 if our politicians don't make some significant changes around infrastructure spending and stimulus.  Our ability to jump aboard the China Locomotive will be a key contributor to what happens in the coming few years.

Overall your Chrysalis Investment Committee are positive as we look out of the front windscreen for the next year or 2.  We hope to continue to post strong results which are some of the best performance returns that any risk managed portfolio is delivering in Australia.  We are extremely proud of the performance and the skill your chosen fund manager's are delivering. We will be in touch shortly to make some recommendations to adjust some of our client's portfolios to maximise what we see are opportunities presenting this year.  So stay tuned for that.......

To all of our Qantas Crew and ground staff clients who have taken recent redundancy packages and retired.......Congratulations!  We hope your last trips were memorable and we look forward to making things seamless for you throughout your retirement adventure. 

We hope the first quarter of 2015 has been a very positive start for the year for you and look forward as always to catching up in person at your review.


Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning

Chrysalis Advice team

Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning


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