Dear Sir/Madam,

 A big chilly welcome to your winter edition of the C​hrysalis newsletter. I hope you are rug​ged​ up and warm as we get to the end of what has been quite a cold winter.

The last three months have been going sideways in the Australian markets and have been very uninspiring after a strong ​surge forward in the market from ​T​rump​'​s election last November until May this year.  It appears the markets are now taking a pause as investors look to take some profits.  The Australian dollar has got a lot stronger against the US dollar in recent weeks which has been wonderful news if you are travelling to the US but not as favorable on the investment returns on international funds. 

Internationally things are improving in terms of the important global markets of Europe and the emerging market of Asia.  Interest rates are slowly beginning to climb in America and some parts of Asia​ and Europe​ which is a good sign of growth.  The world is still trying to come to grips with what it means to have Donald Trump at the helm. He has just finished his first six months in office and I was reading a CNN  roundup of his achievements so far.  The summary is as follows:  ​H​is important Supreme Court nomination – success, ​growing the economy and jobs – partial success, border and military security –  success on border security and unclear on military, Isis and MS 13 – success against Isis and too soon about MS 13.  The latest ​developments in the UN with North Korea ​points to a dangerous game of chess and the recent move to impose severe sanctions ​has enraged Pyongyang so we need to keep a close watch on those ​escalating ​tensions.

The markets have been very positive about ​Trump's election promises and have moved upwards prior to him getting any of those through which as yet he has not done. So if he fails to get them through Congress​ soon​ ​w​e may see the markets remove some of their euphoria.  In the face of all of these global Geopolitical factors and a flat market here in Australia since May we are very pleased with the progress of your portfolio returns.  Stay tuned as we will be shortly in contact with some of our clients whose portfolios we want to adjust given what we see coming ahead. We will be looking for you to reply to our emails. 

I read an interesting article from News Limited recently which talks about the fact that nearly one third of Australians never talk about money with anyone and more than 50% have given up on a personal dream for financial reasons.  Frightening stuff and really sad from my point of view.  Unfortunately, like any stress which is not  talked through with others, it has given rise to much ​stress, fear and a sense of failure for many.  We have put the short video and article on our website under ​'​latest news​'​ if you are interested in reading it.​  As your advisers, you always have a listening ear if you ever want to discuss anything so this does not happen to you.​

Meanwhile back at the ranch the Chrysalis team continues to grow to ensure we maintain our high service levels for you.  We are really excited to be able to welcome back Jo Wihongi from her 12 months maternity leave. I know many of you will be very happy to be able to chat with her again.  We also want to welcome our new front office team member, Dani Coyle. Dani has two young children and lives locally. Last but not least, we want to welcome the newest member of the Chrysalis team, Gary Pike. Gary will be the 4th financial adviser now available in the office for you.  Gary is ​originally ​from South Africa. He is an accountant by training and has been a financial adviser for over 20 years and brings with him a vast array of experience and technical knowledge.   I look forward to introducing him to you. He's a great bloke!

We wish you every success and blessing for the rest of this year and look forward to catching up with you soon.  Possibly even at the Chrysalis client Christmas party which will be held on Thurs 7 December at the Skiff yacht club in Manly.  Looking forward to catching up with you in person at our next review.

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