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Welcome to the Winter edition of your Chrysalis Newsletter.

Well it's hard to know where to start!! What an incredible turn of global events it's been since late March. I had no idea back then that I would be fighting for dunny paper and planting a garden!

I want to start by acknowledging the partnership and connection we've experienced at Chrysalis from our clients during this time of uncertainty and dramatic change of all our lives. Thank you for staying close to us and communicating with us as we work day and night (literally) to navigate a pathway through this for you.

As I write this we hear the news that 6000 Qantas staff jobs are to go. There will be more of this news unfortunately as the aftershocks of this global virus reaches its peak impact in terms of the human infection and economies.

The markets have been very buoyant given the virus impacts on the world. The markets in Australia fell 39% over a period of a few days in March. As we sit today the markets have recovered some 28% of that only 3 months later despite all the negative news, trade tensions, closed economies, civil unrest and virus spread. Quite astounding really. Much of that positivity both here and around the world has been driven by huge Government stimulus being flooded into their banks and population's hands. In Australia that came in the form of the Jobkeeper scheme, major tax relief for business and money printed and pushed into our banks (Called Quantitative Easing) which has been used on cheap business loans and mortgage deferrals. There will be further support coming from the Governments around the world to try and reboot their nation's economies but it will be difficult and complex. At home we already see how difficult it is to reach agreement on opening up internal borders let alone our national one. The impacts of this virus and its associated effects on our economy and lifestyles will be with us for many years to come.

Your portfolios have withstood the market volatility well. We are pleased to advise that there is only a marginal fall in value currently for most of our clients. Our investment committee is working extensive hours to keep up with the flow of data and change. The SMA structure enables us to move instantly and nimbly when opportunity or risks emerge. We can now manage risk more effectively. Whilst there is the possibility of short term fluctuations in the coming months as the Government removes Jobkeeper, we are well placed to be able to use specific fund managers to respond and take advantage of the investment opportunities that exist both here and around the world. To that end we will shortly be contacting you with some planned changes to your portfolio.

We have 2 new Chrysalis team members in the role of Adviser Support - Melinda & Harsh. Mel has been an adviser herself for many years and Harsh has just completed his Masters at Macquarie Uni. We'd like to welcome these 2 new staff to the Chrysalis team and introducing them to you in your next review.

Your Chrysalis team are all now back in the office and working long hours to ensure we keep up the service and communication that you need during this time of uncertainty. We are there for you. If you are a Qantas employee and are considering or forced to take redundancy please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting. We will continue to bring you video and email briefings as information comes to light. We will get through this together. All the very best to you until next time we meet.

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