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Welcome to the Spring edition of the Chrysalis Newsletter.
Well that's right ........Spring is nearly with us after what has been a very long, cold and wet winter.  We all love Spring as it speaks to warmer days and new beginnings. We hope that this Spring will also bring with it new beginnings for our world financial markets who are continuing to struggle to find their feet after the horror GFC experience.  Whilst there is likely to be further worldwide Government adjustment and financial restructuring for some time yet we optimistically look to the might of Asia to steady the ship and provide confidence to the market. 
I expect portfolio returns to be modest for all investors over the short term until markets stabilise.  This point in the economic cycle is the 'confidence' turning point.  The turning circle, however, may be a little larger than normal this time around!  It is a time to be patient because good things are coming.
On other news...............
If you have not yet spoken or met her, we have a new staff member at Chrysalis. We would like to welcome Ashlee Ferguson to our team.  Ashlee is our new Receptionist and will be the first face you see or speak to when you contact us.
Stay tuned for the imminent unveiling of our new website.  There are some really great tools, info, news updates, video, etc there for you. We will be launching this soon.............
Take care and all the very best to you and your family from your Chrysalis Team


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