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Hi from the Total Wealth Team,

Well winter is here and even though the nights are cold, the days have been excellent. I have found this 'weatherspark' web site that gives a great summary of how we have fared this year compared to previous years, check it out here.

We have been busy working through our client list ensuring you have had your portfolios reviewed, however if you wish to speak to Rod please contact the office to arrange for an appointment. We can not stress enough how important it is to continually review your personal wealth creation and wealth protection goals. 

We would like to invite you to view our Bulletin Board occasionally, this month we have included an article on the next big market crash!

Emma has finally settled back in after her 3 week holiday to London & Paris for her brother's wedding. She said that she is pleased to be back but after seeing many of her photos, we're not sure she means it.

If your looking out for a local event in July, check out the 'peaks to point festival' of which Ipswich plays a major role. 

Please take a moment to check out the articles below, the paraprosdokians are excellent!

Have a great month from all at TWM.

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Total Wealth Management

Eliminate Waste

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... and add thousands to your bottom line

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Authentic Sicilian Risotto Recipe

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... a favourite recipe (from my Mum)

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Joke Time - with some paraprosdokians

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... Winston Churchill used to love them!

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Are we experiencing a National Property Boom ?

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... really, the only thing of any relevance is the longer-term trend

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