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We hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday for the Melbourne Cup and walked away with a win!

Welcome to the November issue of our newsletter.

At its meeting yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to one again leave the official cash rate on hold at  0.10%.

In this issue see the new mortgage loan rules in place from 1 November 2021, read about the steps and timelines in selling your home and see how Covid19 has changed what we look for in a home. In addition, see how banks can help boost energy efficiency in Australian homes and read all about the history of the Melbourne Cup.

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New Mortgage Loan Rules

Read time: 2 minutes

... from Monday 1st November, banks must make sure new home loan applicants can repay their mortgage if rates rise by 3 per cent

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Are you aware of the steps & timeline in selling your home?

Read time: 2 minutes

... here's a guide to take the guesswork out of that timeline and provide a sense of how to map out the process

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Has COVID19 changed what we need in our homes?

Read time: 2 minutes

... of course - they have also become offices, schools & more during lockdowns

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Aussie homes need to improve their energy efficiency

Read time: 2 minutes

... the banking industry is set to play a vital role in helping Australians make their homes more liveable and eco-friendlier

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Melbourne Cup History

Read time: 4 minutes

... here is some of the interesting history of the Melbourne Cup since the first race in 1861

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