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Welcome to our Autumn edition of the Chrysalis Newsletter.

What has happened to the world since our last newsletter.......... NZ & Burmese Earthquakes, QLD floods, Japanese Tsunami and possible nuclear catastrophes, politically driven civil conflict in Libya, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, etc. Overwhelming demand for political change in NSW.  The list goes on.

It feels like the world has gone mad!

So how are your investments and super travelling through all of this........well for the most part they have been quite resilient.  Interestingly history has shown us that disasters, whether man made or natural, ultimately have a very positive impact on markets.  This may come as a surprise to you.  Once the immediate impact of the human loss passes, which markets do typically react negatively to, comes a sustained period of re-building and re-birth.  Governments invest large sums into building projects in their countries to reconstruct infrastructure, dwellings, as well as health and utilities services.  All this stimulus creates jobs, lowers unemployment, generates confidence in people which then leads to discretionary spending and so the economic cycles moves forwards once again.

The ASX All Ord’s is now over the important psychological level of 5000 points.  Global markets are ‘holding the fort’ for the most part.  Resources and food commodities are the driver here in Australia and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future as the rebuild occurs from all of the above events and more.  We continue to be the lucky country as we continue slowly along this road to recovery.

On another note we have a new member joining our Chrysalis team.  Her name is Kirsten and she’ll be the one who first greets you when you come in.  Welcome Kirsten!

If you are interested in keeping up with our latest news throughout the year you can click on the Latest News’ button on our website home page.

Until next edition keep well and warm! 


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