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G'day & Welcome to your Christmas & Summer edition of the Chrysalis Newsletter.

Well another year close to an end. Just the Chrissy shopping frenzy last push, work to complete, renovations to finalise, parties to attend and then hopefully a relax and recuperate time for you.  It certainly was another eventful year for Chrysalis, Australia and the world.  
For us - new staff, sweeping new legislation effecting the entire advice industry, new clients (a warm welcome to you) and a more complicated economic environment.  For Australia - a new PM, new threats of the terror scourge on our shores, Eurovision for the first time, reality TV unabated and the Sydney/Melbourne property boom starts to come off the boil.  For the World - inexplicable violence in Paris, historic Trans Pacific Trade deal reached with 12 pacific rim countries, water found on Mars, VW no longer 'Das Auto', Syrian migrant crisis challenges the world for solutions, natural disasters like the 7.9 earthquake in Nepal and Iran are back in the game after years of sanctions and poverty! 
As for the markets........
This year has, for the most part, been unremarkable in Australia.  We have seen a slow down in economic growth both in Australia and some of the world since April and the markets have corrected after the 7 preceding strong growth years.  To date the Australian share market is down 12% since April.  The Australian GDP growth has fallen from 4.3% in 2012 to 1.9% now.  Most of this comes from the end of our mining boom coupled with a slowing China as you know.  Watch to see if the Chinese Renminbi is to be elevated by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) as a major world currency, as this will be supportive for growth.  

Russia & Brazil are now both in recession.  We don't hear much about Greece anymore.  It is a basket case and they have years of financial strain ahead of them.  If you are Greek it will be a long cold winter.  Europe is now showing signs of recovering and is responding to massive stimulus programs.  

Geopolitical tensions have heightened with the Paris shootings and the downing of the Russian fighter plane. Islamic State is now focusing the minds of world leaders on a solution to this hateful and brutal regime.  This type of issue does not usually have lasting impact on markets.

The world waits for the next US Fed meeting to order an increase in interest rates.  We see a 70% chance of this happening in the mid December meeting.  The US economy continues to strengthen and is an encouragement for the world as we need them to be strong!  

Given the low interest rates across the planet, investors have moved away from cash and have turned to property and shares even more so.  We see this continuing as rates will remain low.  This will mean reasonable returns on your investments if the fund managers continue to pick and trade as well as they have been.  We see more modest mid to high single digit returns for most of our clients during this phase of the economic cycle.  The stand out performances will come from overseas thus our recent switch project to reposition more of your money there.

Finally I'd like to give an official & heartfelt welcome to our 2 lovely new Chrysalis team members - Joanne (Front Office) and Kylie (Client Services Manager).  I look forward to introducing them to you in person and we are excited to have them onboard.

On behalf of myself & the Chrysalis Team, warmest thoughts and best wishes for Christmas, a wonderful holiday & a very happy New Year.

Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning

Chrysalis Advice team

Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning


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