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Welcome to your Winter edition of Chrysalis News!

The year is shooting by once again.  We've just booked the Chrysalis Client Christmas party and my youngest daughter starts her HSC Trials today!  Crazy stuff. Best wishes to all of our clients and their sons/daughters about to launch into the final exams for High School.

It's been another good year for markets you'll be very happy to hear.  To make this news even better, we just received the Chant West Research end of financial year results for best performing superfunds across the country in 2018.  You'll be really pleased to hear that the Chrysalis returns have been exceptional once again and placed us either in first or second place across all industry and retail superfunds in the country depending on the model you are in.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the tireless efforts and investment skill of our Investment committee partners - McGregor Asset Consulting - for this sensational result. We can't guarantee we will always outperform, but their 60 years of combined experience and expertise has meant we have been in the top quartile of returns in Australia for well over 5 years now.

We have just completed our quarterly investment committee meeting and the upshot is that we expect the positive returns to continue for the time being.  As always, there are headwinds that can cause turbulence in market returns but we expect the trend to remain upwards. I have posted many articles on our website and written in previous newsletters about the softening and decline in property prices.  We expect apartment and housing prices to continue to fall - particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. The show is over for property. The bull market cycle has ended. We also have an issue emerging of rental stress for landlords. We have posted articles about this on our website  If you are relying on rental returns from your investment property to fund your retirement needs you may need to rethink that strategy as rental yields are also falling and tenant vacancy rates are increasing - it's a perfect storm for residential property. Please call us if this affects you.

The next 12 months will be very interesting with some significant political action in full swing both here and overseas (particularly in Italy, US (Trump) and Britain).  At home, we have a federal election tipped for next May. There will be quite a lot of leverage each party will try to get from the Royal Commission findings which have been quite confronting for the public and damaging for politicians, banks, advisers and ASIC.  Today the Royal Commission turns it's attention to the Superfund Industry where we expect there to be further scandals uncovered and pressure on Government to act in the form of more regulation and red tape, stemming from public and media pressure.

Labor leader Bill Shorten recently supported a policy to ban superannuation borrowing.  If Labor is successful at the next federal election, a ban on superannuation borrowing for property purchases is a highly likely outcome.

News at Chrysalis……..

Jo has joined Janet in reaching her 10 year milestone as an employee of the Chrysalis A Team!  Well done Jo and thank you for your long term support of our clients. Now for another 10!

Chrysalis is growing which is great news.  Chrysalis is no longer a small one-man-band operation.  We have grown every year, even during the GFC which I am very proud of and thankful for.  Most of our clients refer us to friends and family now which we consider to be a great privilege and we are very grateful for.  There are ever increasing Government burdens and compliance responsibilities being demanded of me as licensee (some of which are as a result of the Royal Commission).  So as with every growing business, I have to share the workload. In order to maintain our high standards of friendly personalised service I have invested heavily into employing new culturally aligned and skilful staff.  Just a couple of years ago we were a team of 5. Now there are 13 employees on the Chrysalis team.

I wanted to write to let you know that recently you have been allocated a Chrysalis Adviser who is your client service manager and is responsible for the delivery of our services to you and implementing all your requirements. Don’t worry…….I’m not going anywhere! Allocating a client manager simply provides a focal point for delivering you the day-to-day services that you need. Many service organisations have adopted this approach to ensure continued excellence in service delivery.  I will be always around and will be seeing you at most of our visits together. I’m always available to contact as normal but your first point of contact for any day-to-day advice or admin needs will be your Client Servicing Adviser who will report to me. They will be in touch over the coming months.

So that’s it for now.  We hope you are rugged up through Winter, although this is the warmest one I think I can ever remember!  

Until our Spring edition we wish you the very best and are on hand, as always, to talk to you about anything you have on your mind.

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