Dear Sir/Madam,

Can’t believe it is only a week to go and Christmas will be upon us once again. What a year it has been!

You’ll notice that your portfolio returns are down at the moment. Every diversified investment portfolio in Australia is down.  The current state of affairs in markets means that we have softening economic conditions going on around the world. Cash is producing poor interest returns, bonds are not delivering, share prices are volatile and have fallen globally since August and property is correcting after a very long positive run.  There is currently nowhere to hide.  We know markets go up and down.  Well this is one of those down periods!  But nothing untoward.  We are at the end of a 9-year bull market since the bottom of the GFC. So, there is a technical and economic correction going on at the moment which will pass as markets head back into a new cycle. This is actually a wonderful buying opportunity which is being exploited by your fund managers on your behalf and the payback will come on the other side of this correction. Nothing to worry about and there is nothing sinister in all of this. It is to be expected when 50% of the Australian stock market is exposed to the financial sector which is copping a beating in the media at the hands of the royal commission, along with contracting credit from banks limiting lending to investors and trade war fears between the US and China which is as yet unsolved.

We expect 2019 to be a very volatile and uncertain year both politically and economically for most of the world. Our expectation is for modest positive returns in your portfolio which will be the case for all super funds in Australia as there are quite a number of headwinds that need to be dealt with. Some of these are the continued China trade war concerns, Federal elections in Australia in May, Brexit pressure mounting before the March 2019 deadline, political instability in Europe, Royal commission recommendations in February to deal with misconduct in the financial sector in Australia, to name but a few.  There is always noise around the world, but it is particularly negative currently and business conditions are softening in America, Asia, Europe and in Australia as well. We expect the US growth rate to drop off next year as the stimulation from the mega company tax cut dissipates.

Given the modest returns we expect from investment markets across the board next year, it would be a great time for all of our pension clients to consider your income requirements going forward to try and preserve capital during this temporary softening of the market.  This is a buying time, not a spending time. These are the times where wealth foundations are set up and then realised down the track. We are going through a 10 - 15% off sale at the moment! So please contact us if you want to take advantage of cheaper prices with any surplus cash you may have.

Chrysalis News

Thank you to all of our clients who attended our Chrysalis Christmas party. The evening was a great event and it was wonderful for us to all be together. It is a privilege for us to be able to serve such a wonderful group of people. A special thank you to all of our 15 year and 20 partnership award winners.

On staff news…Gary and Kylie have left the firm this year due to personal reasons and we thank them both for their contribution to the company and to all their help with our clients during their time with us. However, on a positive note, we have two new wonderful staff members who we have recently welcomed to the growing Chrysalis team. Mark McShane is our newest member of the advisor team which now totals 4. Mark has an extensive 20-year background in a range of careers servicing the financial planning industry and comes to Chrysalis with enormous experience. He’s a great guy and he will be sure to meet you when you are next in for a review. We also welcome Kiani Plain who is the new front office and reception staff member. Kiani is young, enthusiastic and friendly and has client facing experience in previous roles and she looks forward to meeting you when you walk through the door or make that phone call to us!

Chrysalis continues to grow and is continuing to attract attention from the industry. Last Friday we received our 10th industry award for excellence. I have been presenting to a Parliamentary joint committee in Canberra and locally. There have been some media appearances this year too.

We invite you to check us out at Chrysalis News on our website to see what we've been up to

We have some further plans for expansion next year and some exciting developments regarding new services for clients which we will roll out throughout the year. We always love to hear from you and to get your feedback on anything we can do to improve your experience with us. As such we plan to do a client survey in the first part of next year to check in with you.

We have received many wonderful referrals of new clients this year from many of our clients and we are very grateful for those. Thank you! We now have additional capacity with our fully equipped team - ‘build it and they will come’!  We are therefore ready, willing and able to continue to look after any new referrals of your friends or colleagues next year. Referrals are our lifeblood.

So as this year draws to a close, your Chrysalis team wish you and your family a very fun, restful and memorable Christmas and send all of our best wishes for an awesome 2019!

Thank you so much for all of your partnership and commitment as we navigate through your life together.



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