Dear Sir/Madam,

We hope you enjoyed the Easter break.

The first 4 months of this calendar year has been very strong and seen a recovery of most of the losses incurred at the end of last year. Good news!  With the Australian budget approaching surplus we expect those buoyant investment returns to continue for the time being. Whoever takes the reigns after the Federal Elections in May will have a bearing on the confidence levels of companies and the investing public. Given economic growth pressures globally we expect that profits will be harder to find in the second half of this year which will likely mean more modest investment returns in the second half of this year.

To keep the tax receipts going to fund all the election promises we really need investment confidence, small business confidence, resources and financial services industry profits to all remain high. This may be a tough ask. Time will tell. Interest rates look to remain flat for the foreseeable future.

Internationally, Brexit deadlines approach and decisions will have to be made. It remains to be seen what impact the horrific terror attack in Sri Lanka will have on their growing economy post their civil war. The US is financially in very good shape and continues to grow strongly in light of favourable tax conditions and historically low unemployment. Europe is soft and slowing down. Asia continues to do well albeit at moderated levels compared to recent years.

We will be looking to make some adjustments to your portfolio shortly to become a little more defensive given what we see coming around the corner. Nothing untoward but a time to be cautious. When returns are there we’ll be going after them for you. When they aren’t there, we’ll be preservation focused to protect you.

Chrysalis News

Lots has been happening at Chrysalis behind the scenes!

1.  Congratulations to Mike in becoming the first new partner in Chrysalis

After 3 years with the company, Mike officially became a co-owner of Chrysalis before Easter. I’m really excited to have Mike’s leadership on board as we take Chrysalis to the next level this year.

2.  Chrysalis to have a new home from May 6

We have moved......but not far. After being in our existing office for over 10 years we’ve been growing and have run out of space. So we have moved across the road to a new office which is over double the size of our previous one. We anticipate significant growth from all of the referrals we gratefully receive so the new premises will allow us to expand comfortably for some time to come. By now you should have received our new address details which is Suite 301-302, 7 Oaks Avenue Dee Why  NSW  2099.  Our phone number remains the same.  Our Fax number has now been removed.  You should shortly receive your invitation to the opening ceremony!

3.  Welcome to Our newest member of staff - Hazel Meyer

Hazel has joined the team at Chrysalis having had many years’ experience with large companies running their front desk operations. Hazel will be the first person you are greeted by at the front door and probably the first person you will talk to you when you ring us. A warm welcome to Hazel who looks forward to meeting you.

4.  New Investment Structure launching

After nearly 2 years of research, design, back testing, compliance checks and regulatory approval we are very close to rolling out new investment structures to benefit you. The actual investments will be the same and will continue as normal to be managed by our existing external asset consulting firm. But the way we monitor and adjust your portfolios will be a lot more streamlined, quick and simple for you. This new structure, approved by ASIC, will reduce the red tape and increase the speed that we can transact investment switches for you, and we are confident this will lead to even better returns over the course of your investment. The new structure is called a separately managed account (SMA). We will be contacting you with further info if this structure applies to you and is in your best interests when they come online in the coming weeks.

There are other initiatives we are working on as well to make your experience with Chrysalis the very best value it possibly can be. Watch this space for further announcements …

In the meantime, your Chrysalis team wish you and your family all the very best for the remainder of 2019. We will be looking to hold an in-person review meeting annually with each and every client from now on as per new government expectations, so we look forward to continued regular contact with you. We are always available by email and phone if you need anything whatsoever.

With Integrity & Care

Philip Windsor


Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning

Chrysalis Advice team

Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning


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