Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from the lockdown state! We hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe and dealing OK with the curveballs that this virus is throwing up in your life. We particularly think of all those parents home-schooling their kids and our clients whose job security is fragile, or their businesses are at risk.

End of another financial year. We’re halfway through the calendar year by already. However, in many ways it feels like our lives are in limbo. When our lives will return to pre-Covid living is anyone’s guess. But it is closer now than it was 12 months ago! Having said that, we acknowledge the uncertainty that you and your friends and family would be feeling as we navigate through this unknown territory together. 

In direct contrast to our on-again, off-again way of life at the moment, the investment markets and your portfolio have been strongly switched on.  In fact, this year’s stellar performance in the Australian stock market was the strongest in 34 years and the best property market in over 18 years. Who would have ever thought? 2020 and 2021 will definitely go down in history for breaking records on so many fronts.

You would have seen your portfolio balances increase substantially this year compared with other years as your investment returns were again very strong. It has been a very complex environment to invest in though as investors try to wrestle with constant and fast evolving economic change driven by government response to the virus and its impacts.  We believe this positive investing environment will continue for the short to medium term. There are substantial opportunities presenting at the moment. There will be head winds as well, however, such as the possibility of interest rate increase which the media is speculating about.  Vaccine rollout and uptake in Australia will also determine when lockdowns can become a thing of the past and allow our nation to return to some semblance of normality and for the borders to reopen. Maybe Australia will follow the path of the UK and fully open up once we get close to herd immunity.

Another piece of good news is that the Commonwealth government has recently increased some of its caps and loosened some of its rules with regards to growing your super which will certainly help improve retirement funding.  That circular effect of more money going into super tends to drive positive sharemarket growth. We will assess those opportunities for you at upcoming reviews. 

Chrysalis news

We have a new and highly experienced financial adviser now on the team. We welcome Sanders Hicks to the growing Chrysalis team. Sanders has 15 years experience in the industry in various roles. Sanders brings a wealth of experience in advice and compliance with him. He lives on the northern beaches with his family and has a great love for mountain biking. 

As we write this newsletter, all Chrysalis staff are now all working remotely from home due to the NSW government health orders. But for us it is ‘Business as usual’. Everything we do for you continues unaffected largely because we set up systems, processes and people remotely well before coronavirus arrived. So you can take comfort in knowing that Chrysalis has not missed a beat in continuing the extensive services and providing staff support as normal to assist you.

New Legislation for Financial Advisers

In line with Banking Royal Commission recommendations, the regulator (ASIC) has instituted law which commenced on 1 July for all financial advisers. The Government now requires financial advisers to review their client’s affairs at least annually. In addition to that we must now send you a more detailed financial disclosure statement and seek your signed consent before charging our fees each and every year. We tell you this as we are required to hold a review meeting in person or remotely each and every year with every client in order to retain you as a client. We will also need to seek your signed consent on 1 or more forms each year to arrange fees for the services we provide you. More red tape unfortunately and we have no discretion with these new rules. We will, however, be looking to make this process as painless as possible. If we are meeting together in person (which is what we strive for) then this process will be quite seamless. So we ask for your partnership and assistance to commit to at least one annual review each year. This also helps us deliver you valuable and timely relevant advice as and when your life changes.

Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns. Also please call us if you are feeling lonely or distressed in anyway as we are with you and want to stand with you to get through this surreal time in our life. We are keen to know if there are any practical ways we can help where you might have needs which are unrelated to financial planning. We understand many of our clients are going through a lot. We want you to know that you are special to us and we are here for you.

Stay warm, stay safe and keep in touch so that we can continue to support you. 

All the very best to you from your Chrysalis Team

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Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning


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